Community is the


to our soul

Wealth, Health, & Education

are arteries to a thriving community. Wealth is not just lots of money, it's what sustains you - home ownership is the foundation of that.

I've been investing

in real estate for 16 years, building communities by investing in people one family at a time. Community is the connection to our soul. Its important for me to stay connected. Connected to myself, my family and my community. Let me show you how to connect.

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Gary on the Radio

Connection is about connecting the dots of wealth, health and education through real estate

Join Gary on his radio show to dicsover the power of community and proactive urban building

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Gary Speaks

The speaking stage has always felt like my natural habitat. I feel connecting with others is the true gift of life. That's why my journey, my message is important for me to share. If I can make a connection with just one person that can help them to improve their life I've served my purpose.

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Gary buys houses

Housing can come with many underlying issues. I will work with you to find your own personal solution. Buying, and assistance with buying back your home is one of my top priorities.

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  • Subconscious

    What if I told you everything you are or are not is right in your subconscious mind.  What if I told you your life is exactly how you have subconsciously designed it to be. The power for all you are and all you want to be is within your total control. Nothing and no one […]

  • Death Wish

    What would you do if you knew the date of your death? They say 20/20 hindsight is the key to better decisions. So what would you do? Would you live as if there was no tomorrow or procrastinate until the day before? Would you knock out a bucket list or cry about not having enough […]

  • Purpose

    Purpose, what is it? Many of us struggle to find or understand our purpose. I thought I had a good understanding of what mine was early on in my life but even when we have an idea most of us fight it. We tell ourselves what we want to hear so that we remain comfortable; […]

  • The power of the spoken word

    I can’t count the many discussions that I’ve had with people who don’t believe in the power of the spoken word. Be, and it is. I live by it and have seen and continue to see it manifest its power daily. I consistently remind my children of this both when they say something mean to […]

  • Today

    Today I woke up with a brand new optimism on life. It is full of never discovered never experienced opportunities. I can achieve a deeper connection with my wife and my children. I can correct a failure of yesterday and even achieve my greatest accomplishment to date. Today I can build the foundation to my […]

  • Failure is a choice

    “Started from the bottom but now we’re here” – Drake. Failure is a choice so embrace it if you choose to be successful. For many people, failure is their deepest fear. Their biggest head game with themselves is whether or not they should pursue a dream because of some bull shit fear of failing. Well […]

  • Living

    “I never saw a wild thing feel sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.” Yesterday is over tomorrow is not promised, but right now, right at this very moment, God has blessed me. So why is it that I rather feel sorry for what […]

  • Success

    Once upon a time in a land far far away, a man accomplished everything. He had all that he wanted, and the greatest thing was his life was easy. He never struggled to achieve anything that he desired. Not! If you believe that you’re one of those playing the lottery types looking to get rich […]

  • Fear

    What is fear? Some might say it’s the body’s natural way to alert itself to danger. The dictionary’s definition is “An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or threat.” For further understanding let us explore Wikipedia’s explanation of the ” fight-or-flight response (also called the fight, flight, freeze, […]

  • Teacher

    I spent countless hours listening to my college business professor tell the class how to write a business plan. He would tell us how to operate a business with talk like supply and demand only to discover that I was the one person in the class to successfully own and operate a real business. I […]