Community is the


to our soul

Wealth, Health, & Education

are arteries to a thriving community. Wealth is not just lots of money, it's what sustains you - home ownership is the foundation of that.

I've been investing

in real estate for 16 years, building communities by investing in people one family at a time. Community is the connection to our soul. Its important for me to stay connected. Connected to myself, my family and my community. Let me show you how to connect.

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Gary on the Radio

Connection is about connecting the dots of wealth, health and education through real estate

Join Gary on his radio show to dicsover the power of community and proactive urban building

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Gary Speaks

The speaking stage has always felt like my natural habitat. I feel connecting with others is the true gift of life. That's why my journey, my message is important for me to share. If I can make a connection with just one person that can help them to improve their life I've served my purpose.

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Gary buys houses

Housing can come with many underlying issues. I will work with you to find your own personal solution. Buying, and assistance with buying back your home is one of my top priorities.

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  • Resolution

    It’s the new year and many are writing resolutions and reflecting on what they would like to have in this. Another, year. I believe that resolutions should be a daily routine and we should act them out not just reflect. Hence the problem we’ve become so programmed that just the tradition of New Year’s has […]

  • As we watch

    The more and more I study people the more and more I notice.  I discover new things about who we are and how we are programmed to follow.   Often times we’re afraid to speak, speak out, speak up for anything that may spark controversy or a negative response from the masses. It’s as if […]

  • The One Percent

    People have a way of having one believe that being one’s best is too hard to achieve. To achieve greatness is too much to ask. But what I know is that life has only two paths. You can live life like others and measure yourself too low or you dig down deep and master every […]

  • Bubble Test

    Really, President Trump is the worst president ever?   You are telling me that over the country’s two hundred plus year history black people believe the “Chump” to be the worst president ever? A country founded on the backs of our ancestors, a country whose presidents have been owners of our ancestors, rapists of our […]

  • Havana Cuba, life as we never knew it.

    My wife, Callie and I visited Cuba thanks to Obama opening up travel to the country. We both wanted to visit for many years and even considered going through a back door during the travel restriction. It was a goal for me and as always the universe delivered.  On our first day what struck me […]

  • Belief System

    I’m shifting this month from my regular blog post of enhancing our inner selves to share a perspective on a song that seems to be going viral, Jay Z’s aka Hova aka Shawn Carter’s new song, The Story of O.J. I hope my followers don’t think of this as me drifting. My aim is to […]

  • Attitude

    Many have heard the saying “attitude determines your altitude“. Well, I not only believe this, I live my life by it. I teach a training called Wealth Connections it focuses on mindset and goal setting. It’s a training on reprogramming how we see things. Much of what we receive out of life is in direct […]

  • Freedom

    What does freedom mean to you? Is it working for yourself or living as you choose? Is it having no clock and allowing time never to exist? Is it looking life and death in the face and challenging them both by living by the seat of your pants? Well whatever it means to you, are […]

  • Subconscious

    What if I told you everything you are or are not is right in your subconscious mind.  What if I told you your life is exactly how you have subconsciously designed it to be. The power for all you are and all you want to be is within your total control. Nothing and no one […]

  • Death Wish

    What would you do if you knew the date of your death? They say 20/20 hindsight is the key to better decisions. So what would you do? Would you live as if there was no tomorrow or procrastinate until the day before? Would you knock out a bucket list or cry about not having enough […]