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Spring is the season of growing; it’s the season of fresh and clean. Since I was a child growing up in Chicago it’s been my favorite season. Well, I guess when you’re from one of the coldest cities in the winter it only makes sense. Yet, I’ve loved it more for the newness then for its warm weather.

Spring starts the cookout season and just all the kool outdoor fun. Like bike riding or strolling along the lakefront. Spring just opens up your options. There are graduations, proms and how can I forget Mother’s Day?. (Miss you, Ma!)

It is for these reasons that for me, spring has also always paralleled life and a fresh start. Like all the seasons it marks the beginning of something new but spring is special. I don’t know if it’s because of the flowers that bloom or the trees that grow but it’s better then the rest. Perhaps it’s the creator’s way of letting us know that all things can be renewed. Even in the haze from the allergies that also come with the season.

The journey of life is laid with highs and lows, birth and death, riches and rewards, heartaches and doubts. It is our responsibility to process what is being shown and seize the opportunities. So let’s clear our heads and forge ahead to what we’ve claimed for ourselves. For it is spring and leaping is a part of its meaning.