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Back From Hell and the Devil Didn’t Win

How to Free Yourself from Poverty and Grow Generational Wealth

Back From Hell and the Devil Didn’t Win is a book about overcoming the challenges of life. By being relentless in your quest for success and never allowing anything or anyone including yourself to come between your life‘s purpose. Gary shares with vivid detail his struggles with the devil as a poor child from a single family home on the tough streets of Chicago. He shares how he overcame the odds and created a Multi million dollar real estate empire and lost it all during the recession of 2008. He walks us through his struggles of depression thoughts of suicide only to climb back and beat the devil at his own game. Back from hell and the devil didn’t win will make you reevaluate yourself. This book will challenge your understanding of fear. It will make you question your circle of influence and what is really driving you. This book is an anticipated best seller and as you turn the pages you’ll understand why.

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Congressman Elijah Cummings


"The obstacles that we face and overcome in life can be transformative – and the source of what each of us, uniquely, has to offer others. In Back From Hell And The Devil Didn't Win, Gary Rahman illustrates this truth in an honest, insightful and often inspiring memoir. "

Gary Rahman interviewed by Joel Roberts

Forward by Raymond Aaron

New York Times Bestselling Author

This is a compelling story of the struggles and triumphs you may face. Gary reminds you that if you challenge yourself to be your best, there will be fire and brimstone. But that is only part of the story. Fortitude is the other part and it brings success with it.

Gary takes you on his childhood journey with detail and color that make Back From Hell And The Devil Didn't Win both informative and fun. His transparency is honest and painful, yet giving. He touches on points that will make you look deeply at yourself.

Gary doesn't just talk about his successes; He pulls you into his life of hardship and doubt and shows you how he transformed himself and how you can too. It is rare to find an author who is so blunt and honest about his demons, but Gary does just that. His willingness to share such private struggles in his own life is a testament to his desire for you to win.

This book is a powerful life changer, so I strongly encourage you to read it from cover to cover. Gary has traveled the globe as an investor and radio host. He has met and interviewed millionaires, billionaires and people from every walk of life. He shares secrets of those connections, and sheds light on how you can get out of the rat race. He uncovers the many lies that the devil has told that can keep you as a pawn in the game of life.

No matter where you are in life today, this book can make you better. Back From Hell And The Devil Didn't Win is a very well balanced mix of James Baldwin’s Go Tell It On The Mountain and its storytelling style in addition to how you have an obligation to serve others, Napoleon Hill's Outwitting The Devil and how to conquer the devil within you, and Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad and how to utilize the information age to your advantage.

I got great pleasure from this book, and I believe you will too.

Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby


"This was an incredibly authentic, thought provoking and all-around inspiring portrayal of faith, love and life. I laughed, I cried and was genuinely moved from the first to the last page."

A letter from Gary Rahman

I have been diligently working on and writing my first book, Back From Hell And The Devil Didn’t Win, How to Free Yourself from Poverty and Grow Generational Wealth This is my personal story of how I faced many challenges in life and overcame them in my quest for success. Now that I've finished writing and the book is complete in preparation for its launch, I'm offering the opportunity for you to benefit from its anticipated success!

As a gesture of paying it forward, I will donate 25% of my gross sales to the group (church, colleges, and organizations) guaranteeing sales. In addition, the individual who negotiates the terms of the sale will receive one dollar from every book sold! That's potential to be a lot of money, Y'all!!!

To understand all the details and stipulations that are required to partner and profit with me on this amazing journey, you will need to contact my booking agent at (443) 750-0995 to receive all the specifics.

Dr. Melva Green

Physician, Author, Celebrity Expert

"Perhaps it's the tens of thousands of hours as a psychiatrist journeying with people through their darkest hours or digging folks out of emotional and physical hoards on A&E;'s Emmy nominated Hoarders. But I'm always reminded that what we humans need is INSPIRED soul connection. We need to know that we are not alone in the world. That we are loved. We long to know that someone's in our corner cheering us on. Someone who understands us. Someone who reminds us that our demons can be defeated and the the devil doesn't always get to win.

"Over the course of history we have been blessed with individuals who bestow us with these life course altering reminders. These individuals are those to whom God gave a special gift - the ability to use the power of their personal story of struggles and triumphs to inspire, encourage and sometimes even provoke us to drop any excuses and give life our very best shot. Raw and provocative in his first book, Back From Hell and The Devil Didn't Win, Gary Rahman does just this and with surgical precision. What is here is an invaluable treasure trove of pearls of wisdom, a collection of universal truths interwoven in a way that meets you right where you are, leaving you feeling that your prayers for connection have been heard...and answered. And that you can and WILL win."

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