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This is the season of lions. Time to hunt and seize opportunities. To never give up on what it is you want. Like a lion hunts its prey, stay low to the ground and forever hungry; it’s the season of the lion and the lion will feed.

This is the season of lions. Being fearless is expected and understood. Lions eat the weak for breakfast, the strong for dinner and the overconfident, it savors as its dessert. All bets are off when the challenges of life are met with the relentless hunger of such a majestic beast.

This is the season of lions. King of the jungle is clearly understood although there may be other larger beasts but none with such the command of its domain as the lion. It demands the center of attention always holding court. The lion, a beast of universal standing from the beginning to present. It is a gift that the creator has given to the world. The lion.

This is the season of lions. Desire and strength are apart of what we see. Leading the pride seems so fitting because just its mane is a royal one. No animal walks with more confidence than the lion. The lion knows no limits so know none for yourself. King, head, leader, it be. Know it and hear its roar. This is lion seize-son.