Do black lives matter to black people?

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I read an article about high black achievers like the first black billionaire Reginald Lewis and Black Enterprise founder Earl Graves. The article was asking the question why do so many high achievers that graduated from Historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) choose to send their children to Ivy League or predominantly white institutions (PWI)? Whites that achieve on similar levels often send their children to their alma mater. They also donate millions to their schools and create legacy’s that continue to help those schools develop an already robust endowment. Blacks, on the other hand, tend not to give back to their HBCU and the few that do, give much less then their white counterparts give to their schools. Also, blacks that attend both an HBCU and a PWI give to their PWI as much as three times higher. Some blacks who never even attended college like, Dr. Dre, have donated to PWI to the sum of $70 million while never donating to an HBCU that could use the money often times just to remain open. This self-defeating practice can be traced back to shortly after emancipation; as early as with the great Dr. George Washington Carver. He was one of the greatest inventors the world has known and a professor at the historic Tuskegee Institute now Tuskegee University. While there he invented over a thousand patents. Statically speaking everyone on the planet’s life has been improved by one of his many inventions. However, unlike most white inventors that leave their patents with family or to their institutions, Dr. Carver chose to give his patents to already rich white people like, Henry Ford. Just let that settle in for a moment. He gave patents to already rich white men and their institutions. As an alumnus of Tuskegee University, I often think about how powerful and rich the school would be today had he chosen differently.

It’s not just colleges where this phenomenon occurs, black organizations have a similar trend when it comes to giving. I belong to several Historically black organizations that have chosen to give to PWI rather than HBCU’s that focus on improving the lives of Black people. They would rather be on record for giving to a white cause than to a black one.

Black people would rather spend their money with white banks that have had a history of redlining or discrimination than black banks that were founded to provide them with financing options because the white banks wouldn’t.

They buy coffee and eat at Starbucks and The Waffle House where white employees have called police on black paying customers just for requesting eating utensils or while waiting on a friend. Yet, they won’t eat at black-owned restaurants where the food is good but the service is a little slow.

They live in neighborhoods where they aren’t wanted. While the communities they grew up in are either rundown, abandoned or gentrified displacing their grandmother because she can no longer pay the increasing property taxes.

So the question I often ask my wife is, Do black lives matter to black people?. It seems that blacks believe that the “white man’s ice is colder”. So, will black lives matter to black people when and if black lives ever matter to white people? Because it appears we are trying to convince white people that black lives matter when we aren’t convinced ourselves.