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Gary Rahman

Gary Rahman was born in Chicago, Illinois in a single parent household the youngest of three. His mom was loving and always told her children that they could be whatever they wanted to be. She told them this although, she herself suffer from depression. Times were rough financially and by the age of 10 Gary's family had been evicted over a dozen times but Gary believed his mother.

At ten years old he made a promise to himself that when he became an adult and had children this would never happen to him. That he would one day be a millionaire. Less than 20 years later Gary made that promise a reality. He also made one of his mission in life to provide affordable housing for all who need it and to teach others how to tap into their God given power within.

"Gary made a promise to himself-

that when he became an adult and had children this would never happen to him."

Gary owns and manages residential and commercial real estate in the Washington, DC and Baltimore area. He has experience in the renovation and management of a variety of properties types, including small and multi-unit apartment buildings. His team also has expertise in architecture and financial planning, enabling his company to be a full-service property and investment management provider for a diverse clientele.

In addition to focusing on the success of individual clients, Gary is committed to changing communities. The company is engaged in developing housing for low to medium income families and renovating formerly abandoned buildings in order to improve the landscape and change the dynamics of urban neighborhoods.

Gary Rahman is the managing member of QLI and a Principal in several other companies. Gary's roots in property management began in hotel management, where he developed a dedication to service that is evident in his customer relations today. With a educational background in both architecture and financial planning, Gary combines the sound knowledge and skills needed to provide in-depth consulting to QLI clients. Gary is also a motivational speaker, author and radio host.