Community is the


to our soul

Wealth, Health, & Education

are arteries to a thriving community. Wealth is not just lots of money, it's what sustains you - home ownership is the foundation of that.

I've been investing

in real estate for 16 years, building communities by investing in people one family at a time. Community is the connection to our soul. Its important for me to stay connected. Connected to myself, my family and my community. Let me show you how to connect.

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Everyone Deserves to Own an Affordable Home

Gary's Book

Back From Hell and the Devil Didn’t Win is a book about overcoming the challenges of life. By being relentless in your quest for success and never allowing anything or anyone including yourself to come between your life‘s purpose. Gary shares with vivid detail his struggles with the devil as a poor child from a single family home on the tough streets of Chicago. He shares how he overcame the odds and created a Multi million dollar real estate empire and lost it all during the recession of 2008...

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Gary on the Radio

Connection is about connecting the dots of wealth, health and education through real estate

Join Gary on his radio show to dicsover the power of community and proactive urban building

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Gary Speaks

The speaking stage has always felt like my natural habitat. I feel connecting with others is the true gift of life. That's why my journey, my message is important for me to share. If I can make a connection with just one person that can help them to improve their life I've served my purpose.

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Gary buys houses

Housing can come with many underlying issues. I will work with you to find your own personal solution. Buying, and assistance with buying back your home is one of my top priorities.

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  • Say More

    I’m inspired to write this but I’m not really sure why. Maybe it’s because I have children maybe it’s because of all of the black lives lost by both black and blue. Whatever the reason I’m inspired to write this piece because for some reason I’m overwhelmed as I reflect on how we got here. […]

  • A Burning House

    I’d like to first state that we are at war and have always been at war with white America. Police officers killing black men, women, and children is nothing new. It’s as old and common as the Country itself. I believe this is a well-known fact but what most of us failed to understand is […]

  • Amber Guyger and the three little bears.

      I wanted to post this after the Amber Guyger sentencing. Colonialism affects us at our core. As black and brown people we are subconsciously programmed to forgive whiteness. This was proven to US prior to Brown vs Board of Education with Dr. Clark’s doll test. Black children felt the white doll was not only […]

  • The Haze of Life

      Have you ever sat and contemplated why you were born? For that matter why any of us humans were born? I, for some reason, have been asking myself this question for years. It’s easy to get caught up in the haze of things that look good like bling, houses or cars. So many of […]

  • Spring

      Spring is the season of growing; it’s the season of fresh and clean. Since I was a child growing up in Chicago it’s been my favorite season. Well, I guess when you’re from one of the coldest cities in the winter it only makes sense. Yet, I’ve loved it more for the newness then […]

  • What say you white privilege?

      What is America but a system of narcissistic privilege. So laced in greed and destruction it knows no morality. I have been a student of history as far back as I can remember. Because of this, I have grown with an understanding that in order to achieve greatness and not succumb to the culture, […]

  • Pussy Power

      I travel often mainly for business. My travel tends to take me away from my family. I’ve noticed that I miss my family more each time I go away. Even when I’m traveling for pleasure. Not sure if it’s because I’m getting older or for some other reasons but I’ve noticed it nevertheless. What […]

  • Work

      How hard can one work to be a billionaire? How much physical effort does it take to turn out a million dollars? Can you really work so hard that your input equals output? The examples of the lives of people I follow like Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Reginald Lewis, Warren Buffett, Robert Smith, and […]

  • Money Matters

      Every two years there is this onslaught of black people encouraging other black people to vote. I’m not sure if white people do this in there communities but as far back as I can recall blacks have been doing so. There are voter registration drives everywhere, Churches, supermarkets, even the local night clubs. I […]

  • Born winners don’t cry they seize!

      Born winners don’t cry they seize. If you’re reading this you’re a winner. You might not believe it but I am telling you-you are. So why don’t you believe it? Are you afraid of what winning looks like? Are you afraid of the people you’ll have to leave behind if you allow your light […]