Born winners don’t cry they seize!

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Born winners don’t cry they seize. If you’re reading this you’re a winner. You might not believe it but I am telling you-you are. So why don’t you believe it? Are you afraid of what winning looks like? Are you afraid of the people you’ll have to leave behind if you allow your light to shine? Do you feel you don’t deserve the life you want? Did you buy into the story that those who live a successful life are bad people? What shit are you telling yourself? Are you telling yourself that being rich is evil or money is evil? Well, whatever it is you’re telling yourself it is what’s keeping you comfortable with where you are in life.

Where are you in life? Exactly where you want to be. That’s right, you are where you want to be. How do I know it? Because the mind won’t allow you to be where you are without your full cooperation. You’ve been telling yourself a bunch of shit to give yourself a reason to play small. To tap out or to occupy your time with shit that won’t make you stretch. Born winners don’t cry they seize.

This life is short and none of us are born just to be. If you think that because you weren’t born into wealth that it’s not in the cards for you, then you’re right but you don’t have to be if you change the messaging. If you think because you’re black or a woman that life has a glass ceiling and you can’t break through it, then you’re right but it doesn’t have to be if you change your outlook. Born winners don’t cry they seize.

If you believe in a higher power and I mean really believe, then you would get off your ass and live. You would not wait until the afterlife you would live your best life now. The problem with you and so many that say they believe in a higher power don’t really believe in shit but the bull that they have been telling themselves. They co-sign it by being around others like them that keep their reality a cycle of unfulfilled greatness. What I believe is a waste of Gods gift. They complain about past failures versus focusing on today’s presents, today’s opportunities, today’s true blessings. Born winners don’t cry they seize!

I hate to see and hear people not being their best selves. Because I know that they are cheating themselves better yet they are cheating the world of their greatness best yet they are disrespecting the God in them. The God that placed their many gifts at their feet. The gifts they kick and watch waste away as they bitch and complain about not getting a break in life. They continue to drift and play small while the world suffers because of the absence of their genius. Born winners don’t cry they seize.

I wake up each day “praying” on my gifts, “praying” as my mind envisions Gods promise to me that I will be forever present and seize my prey. Why you still ask? Because BORN WINNERS DON’T CRY THEY SEIZE.