In spite of

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I have been speaking/training for a fee since 2004, business coaching since 2015 and hosting a radio show Connection since April of 2016. As both a trainer and business coach I’ve come across people getting in their own way on the road to success. They seem to sabotage their dreams out of fear, self-doubt, and lack of worthiness. My coaching style is direct and reflexive. I like to have people identify with the crap between their ears so they can address it and move forward. I understand these lessons because of my own times when I wrestled with self-doubt. For me to get out of my own way I had to clear my mind of things I could not change. Life has taught me many lessons during these times but one very dear to my heart is, In spite of.

In spite of, is that feeling that kicks in when you’re not at your best. Like when you’re sick but you still go into the office. In spite of, is that thing that takes over when the deal is near closing, the bank said you’re short and you come up with a solution to close the gap. We’ve seen it display itself many times in sports. Your team is down by two touchdowns in what appears to be a try again next year and in spite of, finds a win.

Well, why do some people seem to understand in spite of, while others seem to always fall short? Truth is the difference in what we say to ourselves. If your stuck because of fear or doubt you have to ask yourself what am I afraid of? Why am I doubting myself and why don’t I believe myself worthy of greatness? The answer to these questions is important to figure out because whatever it is that has you stuck can now be let go. When we know what we want and more importantly WHY we want it, it will fuel us, In spite of.