The Haze of Life

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Have you ever sat and contemplated why you were born? For that matter why any of us humans were born? I, for some reason, have been asking myself this question for years. It’s easy to get caught up in the haze of things that look good like bling, houses or cars. So many of us also define ourselves by what we do like practicing law or medicine. The haze is the bull that we buy to make ourselves feel good about who we are. It’s the story we play time and time again. The outside world’s interpretation of us.

It’s rare that we are interpretive of ourselves as just naked beings. I really like taking a closer look at who I am as a naked being. When I do, sure, I see parts that need much improvement but I also see an amazing spiritual gift. I see someone that beat the odds and like all of us is a Born Winner. I don’t see status or money as being my biggest value. Nor do I think should you.

We are the gift; The treasure that we seek is the mirror image of ourselves. What I know is that the best thing about living is life. It’s the uncertainty of tomorrow while living our best life today. It’s the euphoria feeling that love brings butterflies and that lump in the throat. It’s that moment when we hear a joke that makes us laugh so hard we cry. Yet, it’s that moment that we cry because we care about something so much it makes everything seem more real like the death of a parent or the birth of our children. These moments are priceless and status has no place here.

Life is this amazing opportunity to leave our mark. To improve the world perhaps even the universe. It’s knowing we are the magic without anything else or anyone else’s confirmation. I’ve learned to take my time with people to receive their offering and appreciated it in its fullness. Life is to me about moments and in those moments we can find answers to make life better to live and clear away the haze.