The power of the spoken word

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I can’t count the many discussions that I’ve had with people who don’t believe in the power of the spoken word. Be, and it is. I live by it and have seen and continue to see it manifest its power daily. I consistently remind my children of this both when they say something mean to the other or when they fail to call what they want into existence. 

Our words frame our emotions and even dictate the response from others both good and bad. I have been goal writing for years which is another way in which words are given life. But when words are spoken they take on the energy of air and spirit. Allowing the universal law to take hold of them and make space in the cosmos. 

If we are to ever understand ourselves we must first understand the energy that we come from. We must understand that energy never dies it only changes forms and so our words have the power and make up to become animate. Secondly, we must understand the power within us. Our body is made up of several solar systems contained in one body. 

So as I close. Many are considering New Year’s resolutions. I would also urge you all to speak life into those resolutions.

Be, and it is.