What say you white privilege?

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What is America but a system of narcissistic privilege. So laced in greed and destruction it knows no morality.

I have been a student of history as far back as I can remember. Because of this, I have grown with an understanding that in order to achieve greatness and not succumb to the culture, I had to focus on a greater purpose than the desire for material success. I had to search my soul for what I believe is the real purpose of my own existence. It could not be a life chasing money. It could not be one of power over others seeking worldly possessions. For these quests can be easier to obtain if I were willing to compromise my morality. I had instead chosen a life ultimately more fulfilling and what I believe more sustainable. However oftentimes harder and more challenging.

I, too, have struggled to not allow that little self on my shoulder to distract me. I, too, have drifted away from my purpose to only arrive at a place of disappointment. Not because I didn’t hit my mark but because the shiny object “ego” was so appealing it caused me to doubt my inner voice. To question my existence and instead consider selling out for what I know to be fools gold by cheating and cutting corners. Thankfully I have attracted guides, even angels, to get me back on the path that allows me to live a life of purpose and freedom. It is because of this blessing that I am so firm in my convictions.

As I reflect on our current environment where the cream rising to the top is becoming more apparent to the masses, I give pause. I, like so many black people, have always known the system was an unjust one. I have always known this first hand as a young child from a single parent household living well below the poverty line. Living in communities that lacked equal resources even as equal to poor white children with similar backgrounds as mine.

See, this new reality for the naïve, that rich whites and privileged cheat to get their children into better schools; Is not new information for those living black in America. It is and has always been our reality since the first ship searching for a new world led by William Bradford arrived at Plymouth Rock. Since the knowledge that Christopher Columbus could not have discovered land that had been occupied for thousands of years before his existence. It has always been black Americans reality since knowing we could die in every war fighting valiantly to defend our homeland only, after winning, to be treated worse than the enemy we died to conquer.

The true reality is that not only black Americans but black people everywhere have been the cream. We have played by the rules of a game never designed for us ever to win. We have and we continue to be questioned on our intelligence and ability. We still find no justice in a criminal justice system where equal and oftentimes lesser crimes deal with us more harshly and less humane. Yet even with these blatant discriminations, we rise. We continue to bear the blows of hatred and although not easy, we rise.

So the real question is not rather the privileged whites cheat, steal or murder for self-gain but rather in order to save their own souls and the souls of their further generations, will they change? This has been the true hope of black people. It has not been of our own acceptance but that such an inhumane people would one day correct the error of their ways. So that we can all return to a time of true purpose and alchemy.

If not, America will continue to be a system of narcissistic privilege. Laced in greed and destruction that knows no morality and with this, it’s own demise will inevitably be itself.