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I spent countless hours listening to my college business professor tell the class how to write a business plan. He would tell us how to operate a business with talk like supply and demand only to discover that I was the one person in the class to successfully own and operate a real business.
I have always struggled with those in “Authority” or said “Experts” that didn’t follow their own advice. You know the ones, the PhD. in finance that is penny less, the over weight, sickly medical doctor or the business professor that has never owned a freaking business. That is why what we teach is powerful but how we teach it is truly telling, especially when it comes to our children. We can have hope for our children but nothing like a real lesson is more illuminating. Again, the lesson I say MUST BE REAL! You see, words are weak if there is no proof supporting them. We all need reassurance that what someone is telling us can actually be done. Without the proof doubt tends to set in and crush the lesson.

I push myself because I understand the aforementioned point to be true. I also understand that if I want my children or others I connect with to realize their dreams (and I do), I too, must show them proof through the manifestation of my own. You see we are all more powerful than we recognize but that is just talk. What gives us power and others reassurance is when we back that talk up with results. You see talk is cheap but results are priceless and only a real teacher knows that. In the words of my loving mother and first teacher Emily, ” I can show you better than I can tell you”.