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I’m inspired to write this but I’m not really sure why. Maybe it’s because I have children maybe it’s because of all of the black lives lost by both black and blue. Whatever the reason I’m inspired to write this piece because for some reason I’m overwhelmed as I reflect on how we got here. When I write of here I don’t mean in America or any Geographic location. I also don’t just mean black or brown people but all people. How did one group of people become the subset, the waste, a throwaway item like the price tag that we pull from a newly purchased piece of clothing? Also, how does another group become the dominant group or gold standard? How did we get here?

As I think of all the books I’ve read or stories I’ve heard, we were once a great people. Yet, I sometimes struggle with this idea due to our current condition. Have the stories of our greatness been a lie too? For how could great people treat any people so inhumane? How could great people see themselves as less than another? How can human life be so fleeting and appear so insignificant for so many for a species considered to be so great?

I believe myself to be a very spiritual person yet current conditions at times have left me struggling with the thought of the mere existence of God. I often find myself asking my wife Callie who believes in Karma, Where in the hell is this Karma, and if she does exist why does she take so damn long to show up?

On one hand, we have life and love; on the other, we have death and hate; in the middle, we have heart and mind. So why do our hands come together to strangle the life from us all? Leaving our hearts to ache as we lose our Goddamn minds.

The only answer I can come up with is that Karma doesn’t exist or perhaps she’s in the heavens with Jesus waiting on the order from God. (Speaking facetiously)

However, I strongly believe that history is to be our guide and that guide is to provide instruction. For each of us teaches the other how we desire to be treated by the behavior in which we accept. I know not of any time in history where the conquering people helped those they concord to share equally in the spoils.

So yes black and brown people are not the first to be subjugated. Nor are white people the first people to subjugate another. So what must be done to turn the tide, has been done before. I don’t believe that Karma or God has any place in the matter. Only the god in mankind can change the current condition. That change will take planning, building allies, and relentless execution. I’m inspired because as I look upon the faces of my own children and the countless faces of others; I know that no great people allow themselves to be subjugated forever. I know that I am great therefore we are great and our being is to manifest that greatness. Do I need to say more?