Outwitting The Devil

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When I was ten I promised myself that I would not allow my moms short comings in life to also be mine. I set a goal to be a millionaire. Now that may sound impressive that at ten years old I said I would be a millionaire. It may even sound cute to some but the real impressive part to me I haven’t shared with you yet. What impresses me the most is when I made the promise I was reading on a first grade level. That’s right I was in fifth grade or that’s what grade I should have been in at ten but I was reading just a little bit better than a kindergartener. You see the power of the spoken word is amazing and the power of the written word is literally life changing. Which brings me to today’s blog discussion, Goal writing. I learned early in life that writing down what you want in life works. Many years later I discovered that Napoleon Hill broke this code over a half of a century ago as he revealed in his book Outwitting The Devil. You see when I was ten I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to become a millionaire. It didn’t dawn on me that I would need to be able to read. It also didn’t dawn on me that the odds were against a poor black boy being raised by a single parent becoming a millionaire. So I just did it.