A Burning House

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I’d like to first state that we are at war and have always been at war with white America. Police officers killing black men, women, and children is nothing new. It’s as old and common as the Country itself.

I believe this is a well-known fact but what most of us failed to understand is how to win the war.

I’ve studied the rise and fall of all of our civil rights and human rights organizations over the years. I started out early as an activist at the age of fifteen or so and was a registered F.O.I. (Fruits of Islam, the militant arm of the Nation of Islam) by the age of twenty. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and talking with such men and women as The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, H Rap Brown, Dr. Khalid Muhammed, Dr. Henry Clark, and the African union ambassador Arikana (ari-ka-nuh) Chihombori (chee -awm -boree) Quao(kwah-oh) to name a few.

In my studies and in my involvement I have learned that our first work is with us. Now that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t also raise hell when we are victims of injustice. It means that we must heal our people and create a healthy home to better fight our enemies.

How can a family fight the enemy outside its door if it is getting annihilated in each room of its own house? How much stronger would we be if all our soldiers redirected their aim on our true enemy?

The best black leadership we’ve ever had respectfully are Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammed, Booker T. Washington, the black panther party, and Louis Farrakhan. Each of these men and the organizations they lead primary focus was not on changing their enemy it was on changing the damage plaguing their people.

MLK was the only person that chose to try to change his enemy first and later question if he had led his people into a burning house.

So what is the takeaway? Well yes, black on black crime should be our primary focus both the physical and mental type. Black on black crime is not just one black person’s killing of another. It is much more far-reaching than just physical death. It also encompasses a mental genocide of each other. People that fail to buy from each other and collaborate are unhealthy and very sick people. Black on black crime has to include working against one’s own self-interest. From all my studies and conversation with great thought leaders, there have been several parallel thoughts in which they all agree. So instead of just discussing the problem let’s discuss how to fix some things.

1. Atonement = First we must forgive ourselves. We must have a deeper understanding of how we got to this point and empathy for each of us in our individual struggles with self.

2. Strengthening the family = First understanding that a true family consists of a man and a woman. I know that many things are accepted today and thrown upon us as a family; my position is not to judge a soul, however, I have a responsibility to acknowledge that life itself has an order which embodies a universal law. This order is plain and consistent as the rise and setting of the sun. If we are to advance we must accept that man and woman are the foundation to any true family and are keeping to the order of the law of mankind.

3. Economic transformation= First banking, buying and building for black causes, No exceptions. No other free people or nation does business with others before themselves. Neglecting this can only erode us from within and is a reflection of one’s own self-hatred. Banking, Buying, and Building for black causes is a positive reflection of a person’s core values of self-worth.

4. Education = Institutional education and equally as important fundament education. Gain knowledge and skills to advance ourselves together. If education doesn’t solve the issues in our communities it is not real education. If we are seeking degrees that lack the skill or knowledge to heal and teach others we are wasting our time and money. We have allowed education to build an elitist group that has no power throughout the world and no solutions to fix its own problems.

The sole purpose of any education is to advance oneself, one people, and ultimately the world.

5. Food= We must control our own food and water supply. An example of not doing so is Flint Michigan. If we aren’t taking this seriously how can we cry about injustice in the streets? Our enemy will cut or alter our food and water supply as the first step of genocide and control. To think that they will shoot us down like dogs and not poison us is either out of our negligence or ignorance. We must grow, cook, and learn to filter our own water.

6. Health= Physical and mental transformation changing what we put in our mouth and in our minds. I share a thousand times that a healthy body is not just a fit one. It is also a well-functioning one. It is free of drugs to maintain itself and can heal itself from within. To do so it must have real food and not processed and fast food. It should be prepared conventionally and without the use of radiation. Its mind must be free of foolish and meaningless entertainment. All things that we take in our bodies have one of three effects, it is either positive, negative, or neutral. The latter two having no real purpose for advancement.

7. International Affairs= Mending relationships worldwide with other black and brown nations. If not now, when? This is an essential part of our advancement as people. All other races have a connection to a homeland and allies are formed. Policies are not just local, they’re mainly foreign and foreign policy of black people anywhere affects black people everywhere. The best example of this would be when the Haitians won their independence from France it created a domino effect. One known today as the Louisiana Purchase; the French could no longer afford to support the Confederates because they were no longer supported by Haitian slave labor. This lack of financial support from France disabled the Confederates and inevitably fostered their defeat by the union. Which caused the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863.

8. Political empowerment= ONLY SUPPORT and ELECT THOSE WILLING TO PUSH OUR AGENDA, NO EXCEPTIONS! Black politicians only matter when they put us first. This idea and romance that black people have about black politicians have given us a voided check. It must end if we want to use politics to push policy. Black elected politicians often fail to understand quid pro quo yet we tend to give them and unnamed political parties our full support. We are even blamed when such politicians and political parties are not successful in their bid for office. Yet we are never rewarded for our unyielding Support.

9. Military= All black people must practice their second amendment right to Bear Arms. We must be able to protect ourselves and our agenda. God’s law is self-preservation it is the first law of man. So how can one practice this law if not taking the responsibility of protecting one’s self? Bearing arms is what countries do to maintain peace and move policy. What makes us any different? We must train our entire families on the importance of possession and safe use of firearms. Let Tulsa Oklahoma (Black Wall Street) and Rosewood be our example of how important this is.

10. Justice Reform= Overhaul of the entire system. If the nine proceeding points are achieved, justice reform is low hanging fruit. If the nine proceeding points are not achieved our enemy will never change a thing. This is a proven fact from four hundred years of the injustice of white supremacy and colonialism. If we each practice these things we can become the revolution we yearn for and no one person has to lead us. In the words of Fred Hampton “You can kill a revolutionary but you can’t kill the revolution.”