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I travel often mainly for business. My travel tends to take me away from my family. I’ve noticed that I miss my family more each time I go away. Even when I’m traveling for pleasure. Not sure if it’s because I’m getting older or for some other reasons but I’ve noticed it nevertheless.

What I’ve greatly noticed is the longing I have for my wife. I enjoy looking at her and sharing little stories, the not so important ones. In addition, this longing is becoming more sexual however unlike when we were in our twenties or thirties. When I was younger it was just a pleasure please. Now I seek and long for a spiritual pleasing throughout our sexual encounters.

In full disclosure, neither of us are as physically attractive as we were in our youth although, I still find my wife pleasing to the eye. The stronger and more appealing part of my longing comes from a much deeper part of her, a part that was introduced to me by my good friend and Spiritual Midwife, Dr. Melva Green. Over the last ten years, Melva has been teaching us a practice called Energetic Alchemy. She’s conducted discussions, sessions and recommended books and other practitioners that perform such work from which Callie and I have grown from the instruction. Melva has often spoken of an Essence my wife holds within her that goes by many names – womb power, yoni power, Shakti power, and my absolute favorite, “pussy power”. I know the word “pussy” has often been associated with subjugation and used in ways to degrade a woman’s worth. But what I now get is that reclaiming the word and supporting my wife in unlocking its true power opens the orgasmic floodgates of healing and infinite expansion that supports us all.

Now, I’m no expert in this practice but in my understanding, this primal power is in all pussy. The issue is that most women have no idea that they house such power and most men only look for it to do what I desired of it early in my life, to please them. But, Pussy Power is not just about sex or the vagina but about complete feminine expression and womanhood as a whole. Sensuality, Sexuality, Spirituality in complete alignment with one’s Self. Once tapped, the energetic healing waves and surrender to one’s divine nature can rebuild relationships, cultivate a new idea, cure a sick child and subconscious elements to even help one build wealth or any level of success. That’s right, Woman holds that much power.

On this path I seek a much deeper understanding of the womb and as I do, my wife has become this sex goddess. She’s made me tap into parts of my subconscious mind that call me to work harder and seek out solutions for problems unlike ever before. I decided to share this practice with you because I feel it is necessary work to move us forward. We are a hurting people that’s endured centuries of abuse and pain. I believe that we react in violent and dangerously impulsive ways due to this trauma. In short and in the words of one of my brothers, PF Boom, “hurt people hurt people”. Now, with all that said this practice is a serious one and requires much study and understanding for best results. So in this month of love please take this journey with me and Callie as we unlock the answers of spiritual healing through energetic alchemy.

The Power Is In The Pussy


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