Money matters more than your vote.

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Money Matters more than your vote.

Every two years there is this onslaught of black people encouraging other black people to vote. I’m not sure if white people do this in their communities but as far back as I can recall, blacks have been doing so. There are voter registration drives everywhere, churches, supermarkets, even the local nightclubs. I don’t see this type of campaign in black communities for anything else.

Which is odd to me because although many are dedicated, blacks have made little to no gains politically. Sure we can now boast about the election of the nations first black president and yes, we have had a gazillion percentage gain in black elected officials since 1965 but no gains in home ownership, education, and black-owned businesses. These areas have all declined over the last 50 years It would seem that after years of voting we would be a more politically astute people. It would seem that by now we would have taken a lesson from other groups that don’t vote or don’t have the same level of interest in politics as we do. Other groups that have advanced the fastest and continue to do so place a higher value on economic empowerment. The Asian, Jewish, and German populations either vote in a small number or many don’t vote at all. Yet they sit at the Zenith of economic wealth in America Why isn’t this discussed more in black communities? Why not make this the subject matter at our churches?
I never hear black “quote on quote” civil rights leaders or political pundits campaign on buying black or supporting black banks. Imagine if we took our 1.5 trillion dollars we as African Americans will spend this year with other groups and spent it instead with each other? What type of impact would something of this measure have for us politically?

Perhaps we would no longer have to beg for crumbs off the floor.
Perhaps we would see a paradigm shift of black-owned business? That could lead to greater access and more opportunities for the advancement of marginalized people.
Perhaps our alarming unemployment rate of 45% for those ages 15 to 25 would not exist or would significantly be reduced.
Perhaps our stagnant homeownership rate of 49% for the last 50+ years would grow to equal or surpass our white counterpart rate of 77%.
Perhaps all other groups would not continue to do better in each of these standings although arriving on these shores decades even centuries later.

Perhaps the 13th amendment would have some real importance and power for us as a people and not just the forming of the new Jim Crow.

You see, we are the most fixated people as it relates to politics yet the most subjugated.

I will close with the title, Money Matters More Than Your Vote.