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Have you ever heard someone say I’m a realist. I don’t have time for dreams? Well if you have, you have seen a person not living in their true purpose. You’ve met someone settling for whatever life throws them. It tickles me when I hear folks complain about someone being a dreamer.

Who has not wished of easier days? Who has not dreamed of being rich or getting married and raising a family? We all have had some dream. As a child I had great dreams. Those dreams helped me get through tough times. Dreams are a visualization of one’s greatness not yet manifest. The problem with those that are now realist is that they have dreams unfulfilled. Realist have been harden by life’s challenges. Dreamers like Oprah, Steve Jobs, or Richard Branson, and myself see life’s challenges as the colorful part of the dream. You see we all dream, my hope and prayer is that we all do more dreaming. Not just for dream sake but for goodness sake. The visualization of one’s greatness is a blessing not to be dismissed but a vision to be worked on. Some of us live our Dreams others such as realist live their nightmare.