Bubble Test

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Really, President Trump is the worst president ever?


You are telling me that over the country’s two hundred plus year history black people believe the “Chump” to be the worst president ever? A country founded on the backs of our ancestors, a country whose presidents have been owners of our ancestors, rapists of our ancestors? A country where president and Klan member, Woodrow Wilson, worked toward the actual genocides of our ancestors.  A country in more recent years with a president named Nixon that focused on killing and jailing black revolutionary groups: Black Panthers, SNCC, SCLC. A country where a president named Regan created a war on drugs that decimated black communities to find out later that he and the U.S. Government collaborated with and protected known drug traffickers making him the most powerful drug lord in the world.  A country that had a president named Clinton that many of you referred to as the first black president because he played a good sax and liked f..king black women all the while creating a new Jim Crow http://newjimcrow.com that still exists today. A country that had a president named Bush that lied to start a war that has killed at least hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Why? Because ten years prior Saddam Hussein threatened to kill his Daddy. Now, I’m not saying I like our president but please stop saying he is the worst. It makes one appear insensitive to our ancestor’s struggle and just f…king out of touch with mainstream black Americans. A black America that suffers from forty-five percent unemployment rates among the age groups of sixteen to twenty-five, homelessness, and a criminal justice system designed to form a new era of slavery. Please, I challenge those black Americans that are shocked to witness what is happening in this country, to leave your bubbles and roll up your sleeves and get to work for our forgotten people and for your right minded self.


Lastly, when one makes a statement such as the one made by Ravi K Perry, it really shines a light on how big the bubble that he and others like him live in. Black progressives/activists are much more astute on political issues than he gives us credit for. We are, however, more concerned with what we can do to collectively solve our issues as a disenfranchised race of people than which “great white hope” might patronize us another four years.