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Legacy is our opportunity to live forever. It is what we do today that improve the lives of others that will determine whether our legacy is long or short, good or bad. The unfortunate thing is that many people are not thinking about their legacy. Which also means it’s a pretty good chance they are not doing very much to improve upon the world. We all have a gift to share but for some reason often times it never gets released. Giving is better than receiving it’s the givers gain. Have you ever done a charitable event and when you walked away felt you got more out of it than the people or person you were helping? This my friend is the givers gain. It is one of the best feelings in the world. It also has a unique way of giving you a new or better perspective on life. The whole I once had pity for myself because I had no hands until I met a man who had no arms. Understand you are a gift and you have a gift to share, we all do. Not realizing these two things is an abomination to our soul and doesn’t leave much of Legacy at all.