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Many have heard the saying “attitude determines your altitude“. Well, I not only believe this, I live my life by it. I teach a training called Wealth Connections it focuses on mindset and goal setting. It’s a training on reprogramming how we see things. Much of what we receive out of life is in direct correlation with what we think and how we feel. So many of us miss this powerful lesson because we fail to understand energy. Our minds draw things to us both good and bad. If we spend our time thinking negatively than the mind will call from the universe a negative force. The same is equally as true when we think positively. I know many will argue this point and I’m certain that those that do are drawing negativity. They will struggle with the fact that they themselves are the cause of their own demise. Well, I’m writing this blog for you. It is my purpose to set you on a path of success but first I must help you identify your biggest enemy, you.

Earl Nightingale may have said it best in Lead the Field. He said “You and I are responsible for our lives. You and I produce causes all day long, every day of our lives. The environment can only return to us a corresponding effect. That’s why I say each of us determines the quality of her or his own life. We get back what we put out.” So, argue you may but this has been a given fact since the beginning of humankind.

I’m going to pivot here and recommend a lesson. I’m going to have you write down three goals you would like to achieve. I’m going to ask you to stretch a bit to the size and scope of those goals. Think big and I mean really big. I want you to feel uncomfortable with the size of the goal. Then I want you to ask the universe or your personal higher power to place the people in your life to help you in achieving each goal. If doubt is setting in right now I want you to change your attitude. Breath and say to yourself, “I deserve these things I request and I will have each of them.

Now as you go throughout your day, each time something or someone tries to bring down your spirit, think of your goals. Reset and say something positive to yourself or to the other person. In closing, you may be asking why I wrote this blog? Well, I so believe in the power of energy I recognize that the more positive energy I can give out the more positive energy I too will receive. This is my attitude.